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I take this opportunity to congratulate the teachers, students and non teaching staff of St. Lucy Int'l Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools for good work done over a couple of years. The school has over the years continued to produce many students (girls & boys) who have qualified for entry in universities for various degree courses. I sincerely thank parents Board of Governors and PTA for their continued support of the school's development and more so in infrastructure. I also commend the students for the discipline they have displayed. This indeed is our secret to success. Our school is christian based institution which is sponsored by the Catholic church and our values are therefore biblical. These include love, respect, self-control and fear of God. We are committed to producing fully-fledged individuals who are productive in the society. Finally, I would like to thank the Almighty God in Whom all things are possible to they that believe.

Rev. Fr. Joshua A.


To provide an academic environment where students are inspired with deep-seated interest for excellence. At the end to achieve success, parental joy, staff accomplishment and societal well-being.


St. Lucy international school is committed to provide maximum educational room for all student, to enable them build a brighter future for themselves through stimulating academic forum to meet up to current status Quo Via combined effort of the staff and students


Our Curriculum is based on the National philosophy on education integrated with British and American curriculum. it's practical aspect is based on Maria Montessori system of education, whereby the child is guided, directed, supervised and allowed to discover and acquire learning experiences under guided and conducive learning environment.

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New registering child must possess his or her Letter of undertaking by parents

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Updated Photocopy of the child's birth certificate or original

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A photocopy of the child's last school result (if applicable) or Original


Two recent passport photographs

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Every child Must possess his or her Ancient and modern


A student is expected to attain at least two months of age

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    Thank you for your interest in St. Lucy International Schools website. Know about our vision, mission and beliefs. We believe you will not regret sending your wards to attend our school. We are founded on strong moral and intellectual base with long standing history of excellence in all we do.


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